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We show teachers how to use chess as an educational tool.  We believe chess-related activities help students to develop the skills needed for success in and beyond the classroom. Our mission is to advance the potential of Chess in Education (CIE) in the United States. Working with leaders in the international CIE movement, we bring CIE best practices to US educators in ways that align with their education goals and standards.

Setting the Standard for Chess in Education in the United States

Students involved in chess-related activities are …
  • Engaged
  • Focused
  • Collaborative
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Prepared with 21st Century Skills

Learn why US educators are embracing chess as an educational tool.

Confronting a Post-Pandemic School Year: 2022-23

Helping to Meet Students' Needs after the Pandemic

School systems across the country are confronting a post-pandemic learning environment. Educators are examining new funding sources for programming tc deal with issues like learning loss and resilience.

More: What Parents Don’t Get about Leaning Loss

We at Chess in Education – US believe that chess and chess-related activities provide a problem-solving environment spurring the development of logical thinking, promoting self-directed learning, and addressing many aspects of social-emotional learning. Our clients have used Federal funding from ESSER, and Title I, grants to fund multi-school Chess in Education programs. ESSA Title IV grants have also been recommended as suitable funding sources for our CIE programs. Many schools simply use professional development budgets to train  to obtain Chess in Education certification for their teachers. [Teachers rave about our PD!]  Check out our course offerings.

Because of the varying funding criteria, options and limitations, Chess in Education – US understands the need to offer a customizable approach to its course offerings. Contact to discuss the kind of high-quality training and resources you need to offer students an engaging chess program that builds crucial academic and 21st century skills.

Educators Worldwide Use Chess to Teach 21st Century Skills


The Education Commission of the European Chess Union released this video highlighting how chess addresses the skills needed by students in a changing society.

A CIE Lesson Example

How is a CIE lesson different from traditional chess instruction?

Here’s an example of the sort of the training you might encounter in one of our CIE courses.


Find Out More about the Chess in Education (CIE) Movement

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