For clients and past participants in the Alabama Chess in Schools (ACIS) program, Chess in Schools (CIS) is pleased to offer ChessKid Gold memberships to Schools at a discounted price. Due to a special arrangement with ChessKid, ordering through CIS allows you to have the advantage of ChessKid for your students at prices lower than what you would receive if you went directly online to place an order.

In addition to the many skill-building tools available for students, Chess-Kid has added a new feature for teachers – the Classroom Planner. Teachers now have a guide that provides a 30-unit outline that includes educational objectives (especially for math), links to lesson videos, and suggestions for supplemental activities. See this article by Christine VanCott to learn how to enhance your chess instruction and continue to build curriculum connections. The Classroom Planner offers teachers a single online location from which to build their chess lessons.

Contact CIS for current pricing for ChessKid memberships: