We are delighted to announce that the International Chess Federation’s (FIDE) has appointed Jerry Nash to be Chair of its Chess in Education (EDU) Commission. The Commission, comprised of representatives from around the globe, works to advance chess as an educational tool.

Jerry Nash’s Background

Jerry is a co-founder, chief trainer, and curriculum architect of Chess in Schools, which became Chess in Education – US in 2023 and continues in that capacity. He has been involved with chess for several decades. In 2005 he joined the United States Chess Federation as Scholastic Director. Among his duties was organizing scholastic teams for participation in international tournaments. In the process he built connections with the international chess community, including Chess in Education (CIE) practitioners. His CIE involvement increased, and he moved to full-time work at Chess in Schools.

Nash became the EDU Senior Adviser for FIDE Chess in Education in 2021. That same year he led the commission’s Strategy and Certification and Endorsement workgroups. Both are integral to FIDE’s efforts to develop goals and strategies to develop Chess in Education over the next four years. He joined the commission’s High Quality Standards Workgroup in 2019.

Jerry Nash receives Goodwill Ambassador Award

Jerry Nash receiving Goodwill Ambassador Award from Judit Polgar.


His work has drawn notice from both the international and U.S. chess communities. The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation in Hungary awarded Nash the title of Goodwill Ambassador for Chess in Education in 2021. The University of Texas at Dallas named Nash the National Chess Educator of the Year in 2015.

Looking Ahead

As a former high school and university instructor, and the husband of an elementary school teacher, he finds satisfaction in helping educators to discover new ways to engage students in the classroom. His experience as a trainer of teachers provides ample evidence that when teachers introduce chess to students, they create the opportunity for students to develop the skills they need to be successful in and beyond the classroom.

Taking on the political and logistical challenges of leading FIDE EDU is a daunting undertaking. However, having worked with Jerry as a friend and business partner for a decade, I cannot think of anyone better suited to the task.

Reference:  FIDE Commissions for 2022-2026 Announced