Chess in Education Courses

Teachers participating in a CIE course

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Chess in Education (CIE) Courses are about Building Connections

School systems across the country are confronting a post-pandemic learning environment. Issues like learning loss and resilience demand new approaches to reconnect students to both teachers and good learning habits.

We don’t just tell teachers how to use chess in the classroom; we practice what we teach. Our instructors model the methods that teachers will use in the classroom . As a result, teachers experience both the power and the fun CIE can bring to student learning.

Chess in Education – US understands the need to offer schools a customizable approach. In addition to comprehensive CIE programs bundling training, equipment, software licenses curricula, and support, we offer individual professional development courses for teachers, administrators and chess coaches.

Chess in Education Courses

A CIE Lesson Example

How is a CIE lesson different from traditional chess instruction?

Here’s an example of one segment of the training you might encounter in one of our CIE courses.*

* This video contains references to our former name, Chess in Schools. We are now “Chess in Education – US”.
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