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The CIE Initiatives package is for schools and school systems wishing to implement a best practice CIE program and become self-sufficient within three years. We work with your organization to build a complement of CIE-certified teachers and administrative personnel capable of independently managing and sustaining a district-wide program across schools.

Our baseline CIE Initiative is modeled after our initial flagship program, the Alabama Chess in Schools (ACIS) Initiative, piloted with the Alabama State Department of Education from 2015 to 2019. We’ve used that experience and interactions with the international CIE community to offer a state-of-the-art CIE program.

CIE Initiative Package Content

A typical package would include the following:

* The number, duration, and nature of on-site visits can be customized for each client’s needs and budget.


For schools that lack funding for a full CIE Initiative package, Chess in Education – US offers professional development courses for teachers, administrators, and chess coaches. Check out our Courses.


It is not unusual for schools to charge parents up to $90 per month per student for after-school chess club participation which is solely chess-focused. A CIE Initiative delivers far more benefit at far less cost.

CIE Initiative package costs vary, but as a general guideline, a typical full three-year Chess in Education program offered by Chess in Education-US (CIE-US) is likely to have a cost profile like this:

  • Year 1: $75-$95 per student per year
  • Year 2: $40-$50 per student per year
  • Year 3: $25-$35 per student per year
  • Year 4+: Schools achieve self-sufficiency; may continue to look to CIE-US for professional development classes for new teachers as needed.

Contact CIE-US for details regarding the assumptions upon which these estimates are based. Key cost factors include geographical location, choice of on-site training vs. training at one of our offered locations, and student/trained chess teacher ratios.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Assistance with Grants for a CIE Program

Considering writing a grant to help finance your CIE program? Check out our helpful CIE Grant-Writing Aid.


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